Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy and Groundwater Protectioná
© DIV Deutscher Industrieverlag GmbH (12/2003)
The reform of the common agricultural policy (CAP) contents the opportunity to secure income in agriculture as will as implementing necessary improvements for sustainable environmental protection i. e. protection of drinking water sources.á

Agricultural reuse of wastewater and sewage sludge
© Universit├Ąt Braunschweig - Institut f├╝r Siedlungswasserwirtschaft (10/2003)
Continued population growth, contamination of both surface water and groundwater, uneven distribution of water resources and periodic droughts have lead to a search for new sources of water supply. One must discuss, not only in developing and threshold countries, how the objectives and requirements for wastewater and sludge disposal are in accord with a possible water reuse or whether they exclude each other. Early developments in the field of water reuse are synonymous with the historical practice of land application for the disposal of wastewater.

Machine-Solutions for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment – Approaches for New Developments
© TU M├╝nchen - Lehrstuhl f├╝r Siedlungswasserwirtschaft (9/2002)
The critical points of the centralized system are examined and technical decentralized wastewater-treatment solutions are presented.

Innovative Technologies for Decentralised Wastewater Management in Urban and Peri-Urban Areas
© TU M├╝nchen - Lehrstuhl f├╝r Siedlungswasserwirtschaft (9/2002)
Innovative decentral wastewater systems can change the current ways of water management dramatically. They can be designed for almost full recovery of water and nutrients in an economic way.

Decentralized Sanitation and Reuse: A New Concept for Economic Water Management Worldwide
© TU M├╝nchen - Lehrstuhl f├╝r Siedlungswasserwirtschaft (9/2002)
Novel methods have to be developed in order to meet the demands of a growing world population, both in rural areas and in the rapidly expanding mega-cities.

Eco-Industrial Parks: Portal for German Environmental Technology in Asia
© TU M├╝nchen - Lehrstuhl f├╝r Siedlungswasserwirtschaft (9/2002)
Discussion and examples of the Eco-Industrial Park (EIP) concept.

Wastewater Treatment in Central and Eastern Europe: Potentials and Drawbacks
© TU M├╝nchen - Lehrstuhl f├╝r Siedlungswasserwirtschaft (9/2002)
The solutions of water pollution problems in the CEE countries open a large area for mutual cooperation with countries, individual companies, and national professional organizations from the rest of Europe.

Solid/Liquid Separation – An Important First Step of Wastewater Treatment
© TU M├╝nchen - Lehrstuhl f├╝r Siedlungswasserwirtschaft (9/2002)
The effect of pre-coagulation/sedimentation of municipal wastewater on the performance of Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) and Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR).

Transport and Chemical Rate Phenomena
© WtERT USA , Columbia University, Earth Engineering Center (8/1995)
Discussion of fluid dynamics, momentum transfer, heat transfer (conduction, convection, radiation), and mass transfer (diffusion, convection), introductory chemical kinetics and thermodynamics. Emphasis is on high temperature applications (combustion, metal reduction, etc.). Heat and mass transfer correlations, physical and chemical properties of materials.

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