Advertising in ASK
The market for environmental engineering exists troughout the world. But since you can't promote your innovation all over the globe, it is essential to be found by interested parties from abroad.
Skyscraper - your vertical banner ad

By placing a skyscraper (vertical banner ad) you will attract more attention and appeal exactly to your specific target group because skyscrapers in ASK will match with the appropriate technical papers.

Advertising rates start at 800 € net per month and will be reduced according to run-time.

SANet - 1st sponsor comes from Paris!

Although the project wasn't called ASK at that time the assignment has come from SANet, which is an affiliated company from UNEP and GEF with domicile in Paris, being our first sponsor.

Our work on a global knowledge network began with an assignment for developing an expert network for Latin America.

We will be happy to send you further information and the official commendation from SANet to support our work.


Business Processes
Business processes are handled more and more via the internet. If you use ASK - the largest community in the field of environmental technology and management - you will be closer to your clients. If you help worldwide acting engineers to complement their knowledge, you are acting in a worldwide environment.

Knowledge Assets
Knowledge is the basic principle of entrepreneurial success. You can keep it to yourself or reveal it. Customers research worldwide and are curious about you. With case studies you can disseminate your knowledge optimally and you can call attention to your company.

The Customer is King
The world wide web provides clients with an enormous influence on the market. Companies who take their clients seriously are open minded towards chats and blogs on the internet. An open discussion is better than defamatory statements behind your back.

Small is Clever
The internet is democratic. Clever companies do not need impressive office buildings. By positioning yourself well online you will often be better accepted than many a global player.





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