Principle of public access
During the presentation of professional articles from our content partners we attempt to establish the greatest possible reference to the authors, irrespective of actual copyright. At the same time, we consider it as general interest to check, update and - if we receive knowledge of more up-to-date data - also to change the data of the authors provides by the content partners. In this procedure we see a high benefit for the users as well as for the authors themselves as we base the development of our ASKĀ® expert database on this data and information structure. If authors contradict this principle, they will be removed from the expert search upon request to us.
Communication inside the community
It lies in the interest of the ASKĀ® community that users are able to contact authors or experts. In order not to pass on any e-mail address, communication occurs on the expert`s personal pages and thereby on the ASKĀ® platform. If a contact with the author/expert occurs from the user group, the addressee receives a standardised e-mail from the operator with a reduced message, ā€žPost in the Profileā€œ. The e-mail address is utilised for this notification. It is also utilised in order to deliver the newsletter or to send author notifications (with important changes) and author documents (with new articles). The author/expert can influence, order, cancel or revoke all these services at any time. For the time being this is possible by means of request to the operator. 





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