Notice Board for International Projects
Syndication and international project development need to be moderated ...
... in cooperation with Global Partners Bayern e.V. they will be realised step by step.
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Project requests
August 2013 - Environment-friendly Urban Development Programme in New Delhi, India
The Company Dorsch International Consultants GmbH is looking for experts in the fields of
- water supply,
- solid waste management,
- sanitation,
- sewerage,
- waste water treatment
- storm water drainage
- urban public transport systems
- energy efficiency
Initiator: Bernd Müssig
>>> Contact Mr. Müssig via his profile

February 2013 - Project Touristic Village in Istanbul
A delegation of Global Partners Bayern e.V. to Istanbul in Nomber 2012 consisting of German and Turkish companies resulted in the following project outline: Development, construction and operation of a touristic village including the following aspects:
- local skilled crafts and trades (e.g. textile industry)
- energy and energy efficiency of buildings 
- material flow management/waste management/water and waste water management 
- health, medical care, telemedicine 
- organic food production
- logistics and cooling of food
- traditional Turkish cuisine
- culture
- education
- marketing
- tourism
- local fund raising
Who is interested in participating and providing expertise respectively local knowledge?
Initator: Hedwig Vielreicher (contact person Global Partners Bayern e.V.)
>> Contact Mrs Vielreicher via her profile.

July 2013 - Project domestic waste in Mumbai, India
I am an Indian entrepreneur in search for volunteers who are willing to conduct a study on "Domestic waste handling in a living complex in Mumbai and ways to effectively manage it". You can stay in Mumbai for 4-6 weeks for doing research, accommodation will be provided for free.  
Initiator: Mitra Priya

>> Contact Mrs Priya via her profile.

March 2013 - Consultant needed for an incineration plant in Israel
I received a request from Israel for a consultancy on waste to energy. For several years there has been a plant which has never been completed. Therefore the contact Person in Israel, who does not have a technical Background himself, is looking for a competent Consultant for completing the plant, respectively implementing new technologies.  
>> Contact Mr. Karg via his profile.


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