bifa Text No. 64: Hygienically optimised collection of biowastes with ecovio biowaste bags
© bifa Umweltinstitut GmbH (7/2014)
In the bifa Text No 64, the collection of biowaste without biowaste bags was compared to collection in paper bags, PE bags and biowaste bags made of the compostable plastic ecovio.

Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Station in the Province of Salamanca
© Infoenviro (10/2007)
The new Waste Treatment Centre in the Spanish province of Salamanca, dimensioned for a maximum treatment capacity of 170,000 t/year - sufficient to treat the entire municipal solid waste rest fraction generated in the province - was inaugurated in March, 2007.

Extensive Environmental Technologies for Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste and Waste Water
© Wasteconsult International (11/2005)
Mechanical and biological treatment has been established as a concept of handling municipal solid waste. The biological process aims to degrade the organic fraction of the waste to a stabilized product through fermentation and rotting processes. The final maturation produces a depositable residual waste.



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