Biodegradation of bioplastics and naural fibers during, anaerobic Digestion and in soil
© European Compost Network ECN e.V. (6/2012)
Plastics are increasingly causing pollution problems in natural environments due to their recalcitrant nature. Variousnew materials have recently begun to be marketed that claim to biodegrade or compost during waste treatment.

Long-term persistence of aminocyclopyra-chlor and clopyralid during the composting of Yard trimmings
© European Compost Network ECN e.V. (6/2012)
Certain pyridine carboxylic acid herbicides, including clopyralid, aminocyclopyrachlor and, aminopyralid that have recently been introduced, have been found to be recalcitrant in soil and composts. These herbicides are generally usedfor broadleaf weed control in pastures, lawns and natural areas. Certain types of plants, including tomatoes and beansare very sensitive to residues of these compounds even at very low concentrations. Further Authors: Y M Li - The Ohio State University S K Grewal - The Ohio State University

Vacuum-heat-drying for residual waste and biomasses
© European Compost Network ECN e.V. (10/2008)
First experiments with a bench-scale model had proved the general applicability of vacuum-heat-drying treatment for solid waste. The knowledge gained from this indicated that this treatment may have both, an ecological and economical advantage over biological and atmospheric-physical drying treatment due to shorter treatment periods and lower exit air amounts.

Extensive Environmental Technologies for Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste and Waste Water
© Wasteconsult International (11/2005)
Mechanical and biological treatment has been established as a concept of handling municipal solid waste. The biological process aims to degrade the organic fraction of the waste to a stabilized product through fermentation and rotting processes. The final maturation produces a depositable residual waste.

Behaviour in Fracture Toughness and Fatigue Crack Propagation as Criterion for the Dimensioning with Polyolefin Materials
© Vulkan-Verlag GmbH (8/2004)
For the dimensioning of components or structures against slow or fast crack propagation the appropriate data are necessary.

State Aids in Switzerland: The Air Transport Agreement between the EU and Switzerland
© Lexxion Verlagsgesellschaft mbH (5/2004)
The article investigates the extent to which EU regulations relating to the law on State aid apply in Switzerland in the aftermath of the conclusion of the bilateral agreements between Switzerland and the EU. Specific consideration is given to the State measures implemented in relation to the “Swiss” airline.



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